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The "sex test" is taken online, and you will have your results immediately.  The 'sex text' will measure social and sexual satisfaction, as well as a diagnostic tool for screening sexual dysfunction.    Sexual therapy may be indicated and you have access to a therapist directory. After taking the test, you will receive a DSM IV diagnosis (print it out since we do not save results) and suggestions on the screen after answering all the questions. (see examples shown below).  Please print a copy for your personal use (instructions below).  If sexual therapy is indicated, the test will direct you appropriately.

The charge for this test is $9.95. Take the online sex test

You may have your "sex test" analyzed in greater depth and have specific Online Sex Testsuggestions provided by our doctors. You may take it to your doctor for further testing or sexualtherapy.  Use the  "Ask the Doctor" email services under Email.  If you do have a question, you will need to email the "sex test" to us as an attachment since we do not have access to test results.   The "sex test" will show a four page summary and analysis of your answers with all pertinent diagnosis in DSM IV format used by psychiatrists.   Probable causes of any sexual or social dysfunction that it detects are delineated.  Be sure to print out your "sex tests" results since we do not keep any of the "sex test" results and your answers are confidential.  They are not recorded in any way.  This "sex test" is professional and the results are for you  and should not be shared with any non-professional.

Note: Your browser must have Java enabled in order to take the"sex test" .  Enable Java under "options" on your browser. This is a java applet and takes a few minutes to initialize.   Newer, faster computers and browsers have no problems.   If you have a problem taking the "sex test", Email the web site, we can email or fax you a copy and enter the results from our office.

 IMPORTANT:  to print the "sex test" results, please follow these directions:  You can cut and paste the "sex test" results on Windows XP.  Other operating systems require Ctrl-C. (Instructions at the end of the test)  You will have to follow the directions at the beginning of the test to print the results.



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