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Masters & Johnson estimated that 50% of all relationships suffer from sexual problems at some stage.

 These dysfunctions range from erection problems and premature ejaculation in the male, to orgasm problems, lack of desire and pain in the female.

In 1974 Masters & Johnson  had very few medical solutions, and certainly thought most of these sexual problems were psychological. Time and experience have shown that there is a physical basis that is medically treatable in over 50% of the cases.  With the advent of Viagra though, there has been a rush away from much needed therapy.  This has been a big mistake since most relationships that have experienced a sexual problem, begin to have secondary relationship problem and other sexual problems that are not physical. 

For example, if a man experiences problems with erection, the female may develop concerns of her own about body image.  When the male gets the erection difficulty fixed, he may find that his wife's sexual drive or "libido" has disappeared.  This is secondary aversive training.  It is quite common in any relationship.  Most males who are with a female that has orgasm problems, begin to either avoid (since they feel like a failure) or develop their own set of counter problems.

What is most important in the treatment of sexual dysfunctions is often treatment of the relationship where trust and intimacy have often been damaged. Sex therapy is rarely only directed at "sex" except in single people, and even then, self concept, depression, anxiety are often contributory. The medical model (history, lab if indicated, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment) is the most effective method to achieve positive results in any sexual dysfunction.

Fortunately, seeking professional help for a sexual problem - while still a highly private matter - no longer carries a stigma. But many myths remain about what sexual therapy is...and isn't.  Order tape or CD #1 for the Current Concepts of Sex Therapy.

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