New York, N.Y.
Dorothy C. Hayden, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Credentialed Alcoholism Counselor
Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner
New York University, MSW, clinical social work
Post graduate center for Mental Health - adult psychoanalysis
Cognitive Therapy at Albert Ellis Institute
Milton H. Erickson Society for psychotherapy and hypnotherapy Hypnotherapist

    Specialty Areas and Services

  • Psychotherapy for:
  • . Sex therapy and couples counseling 
    Sex/Cybersex Addiction
    Adult ADD and the addictions (including alcohol, sex and drugs)   Hypersexuality
    Also... "Kink-Aware" Professional (KAP)
    CNN on sex addiction
    20/20 on Cybersex 
    HBO on Celibacy and Spirituality 
    BDSM Lifestyles
    WBAI radio
    "Therapy for Sexual Addiction"
    "Treatment for Adult ADD and the Addictions"
    "The Use of Hypnotherapy in the Treatment of Sex Addiction"
    "The Vicious Cycle of Adult ADD, Shame and Compulsive Sexuality"
    "Psychological Dimensions of Masochistic Surrender"
    "Masochism as a Spiritual Path"
    "Dumped by your Dom?"
    "The Black Leather Couch advice column in Prometheus Magazine: Dear   Ambivalent..., Dear Littlesub...
    "Media Personnel & the Psychological Effects of Disaster"

Ms. Hayden on Therapy:
 "My therapeutic stance is one of neutrality. Some people want to stop certain behaviors, other to modify them, or others may seek to
integrate them more fully into their lives. What's taken is the obsessive pre-occupation, the shame, the self-blame, the confusion; 
and the "split". 

What's given is a therapeutic relationship with a seasoned and well-trained psychotherapist. What occurs within that relationship?
Some people have never in their lives talked to anyone about what they cherish and fear most. Keeping such a large part of you completely
to yourself over the course of many years is a breeding ground for shame, guilt and confusion. Therapy lets light in through engaging 
in a non-judgmental, empathic, safe process. The therapeutic relationship is a sort of laboratory that examines the unconscious
belief systems that used to help you psychologically survive early-life dysfunctional attachments. 

Once these patterns are uncovered and understood, you will have the opportunity, through a variety of therapeutic interventions, to seek
freedom. Rather than feeling enslaved by your desires, now you are in the driver's seat. You are riding the horse the horse is no 
longer riding you. 

The ability to make choices empowers your sense of self and enhances self-esteem. 

Therapy is an opportunity to have a "corrective" experience with a person that will, in the long run, make you less afraid of real 
intimacy with a real person and will help you stop spending so much wasted time in the "erotic haze" which is based exclusively on

Compulsiveness and obsessive pre-occupation gradually diminish as together we discover and rework the irrational belief systems that
have held you back from experiencing a life filled with choice, adventure, passion and joy. 

For therapy or additional information, please contact Ms. Hayden at:

200 E. 10th St. #14
New York, N.Y. 10003
Phone: 212-673-5717
303 Fifth Ave. @31st St.
Suite 606
NYC, NY 10016  


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