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Alice Kahn Ladas, Ed.D.

2300 West Alameda #C2  Santa Fe, New Mexico 87507
Phone and Fax: (505) 471-6791


102 West 85 #1B  New York, N.Y.10024  
Phone and Fax: (212) 873-1067 





MA: Smith School of Social Work,    Ed.D: Columbia University

Diplomate American Board of Sexology

Diplomate Clinical Social Work

National Hlth Srv Prov. Psychology #22103

Licensed Psychologist, New York 

Licensed Psychologist, New Mexico.

In National Health Service, Provider in Psychology

Certified Bioenergetic Analyst
, co-author Women and Bioenergetic Analysis

 Certified Sex Therapist and Supervisor

Humanist Celebrant with American Humanist Assn.
(creates customized ceremonies)

  Board of US Assoc. of Body Psychotherapy in charge of Research


Co-Author: The G Spot  and Other Recent Discoveries About Human Sexuality.   Author: Women and Bioenergetic Analysis,    Breastfeeding: the Less Available Option,
ladas.jpg (5575 bytes)
Fees: Sliding scale $75-$175 in person, by telephone or e-mail. Therapy should not be so costly that it seriously curtails other important aspects of life.
Treatment Approach: "Body, mind and spirit cannot be separated so I work with the whole person.   Where appropriate, work directly with muscle tension and breathing in addition to words.  Give homework, including but not limited to bibliotherapy.  Teach couples exercises.  At the start, help individuals and couples focus on what they want, what they need to do to get there, then support them to take the necessary steps.  Also do biofeedback with the pelvic muscles of both women and men.  Happily collaborate with other professionals when indicated.  Healing occurs in the presence of non-judgmental loving appropriate care."  


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