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Carole M. Pasahow, DSW, LCSW

Fair Lawn, NJ

Certified Sex Therapist and Certified Sex Therapy Supervisor, The American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists
Diplomate and Supervisor, American Board of Sexology,-Society for Sex Therapy and Research
Certified Psychoanalyst, The National Association for the Advancement of Psychoanalysis (Where she served as a member of the Board of Trustees),
Certified EMDR Therapist
Certified Marriage and Family Therapist, The American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy
Diplomate, Academy of Certified Social Workers, The National Association of Social Workers
Certified Social Worker in the State of New York (R19748),
Licensed Social Worker in the State of New Jersey (SC01683)

Specialties and Therapy
  • Over 25 years in helping individuals and couples achieve intimacy in all aspects of their relationship.
  • Author: "Sexy Encounters: 21 Days of Provocative Passion Fixes."
  • Author: "Female Sexual Dysfunction in Primary Care:  When is Referral to a Sex Therapist Indicated?"  The Female Patient. Vol.29, July, 2004."
  • National Registry of Who's Who.
  • Sex Therapy Consultant at several New Jersey Hospitals
  • Specializes in working with individuals and couples with:
    • depression;
    • anxiety;
    • trauma;
    • sexual dysfunctions;
    • pelvic floor dysfunctions;
    • pain disorders;
    • sexual abuse;
    • vestibulodynia and vulvodynia;
    • infertility counseling;
    • reproductive failure;
    • perinatal death;
    • menopause;
    • marital and divorce mediation;
    •  pre marital therapy;
    • hypnotherapy;
    • EMDR therapy;
    • behavioral therapy (CPT and DBT)

  • Works closely with medical community in order to provide an integrated and effective approach to treating patients.
  • Frequent lecturer at hospital department meetings.
  • On staff is a Medical Director who specializes in both psychopharmacology and sexual pain disorders.
  • Quoted frequently in many publications and radio shows.

For therapy or additional information, please contact Dr. Pasahow at:

The Accredited Center for Psychological Counseling 

11-18 Saddle River Road
Fair Lawn, NJ  07410
Phone: (201) 475-2777
Fax: (201) 475-2779

Email: Carole M. Pasahow, DSW, LCSW

Web Site: www.njcounselingandsextherapy.com


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