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David Yarian, Ph.D.

Nashville, TN

Licensed Psychologist
Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, University of Michigan 
American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists, Certified Sex Therapist 
 Member of American Psychological Association, American Family Therapy Academy, and American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists

Serving "Nashville, Tennessee" Areas.

Dr. Yarian is Adjunct professor of Psychology at Vanderbilt University and provides supervision and training to Psychology pre-doctoral Interns and post-doctoral Fellows at the Vanderbilt University Counseling Center. He has created The Guide to Self-Help Books, an annotated guide to the best in self-help, personal growth and self-improvement books. He has organized the Tantra portion of the AASECT national conference in 2005.

Services Provided:

In his thirty years of private practice,  David Yarian has worked with couples, individuals and families who were dealing with a wide range of issues.   Dr. Yarian has been instrumental in founding and nurturing the growth of a number of organizations: Ann Arbor Center for the Family; Alive-Hospice of Nashville; Center For the Family (Nashville); WellSpring Health Services; and the Nashville Alliance for Sexual Health.
  He has led intimacy and sexuality workshops across the country and presented papers on his clinical approach at national conferences
  • Sex Therapy: For male and female sexual dysfunction:
    Erection difficulties, pre-mature ejaculation, impotence, loss of sexual desire. Inability to reach orgasm. Sexual concerns in relation to infertility. Sexual enrichment. Enhancing sexual desire. Developing love making skills. Intimacy skills training.
  • Couples/Relationship & Marriage Counseling: For marital or relationship difficulties, communication and anger problems, infidelity, divorce. Marital betrayals, difficult divorces. Lack of intimacy or commitment. Communication skills.
  • Tantric Sexuality Education
     Intimacy Practices Workshops
     Spirited Loving Relationship Coaching            
  • Individual Psychotherapy: Help for depression, anxiety, stress, personal growth.

For therapy or additional information, please contact Dr. Yarian at:

1410 17th Ave. S.
Nashville, TN 37212
 Phone (615) 298.4559


Email: dayarian@comcast.net

Website: http://www.spiritedloving.com/about-us.htm

The Guide to Self-Help Books (http://www.Books4SelfHelp.com) is an online guide to the best, most effective self-help books. Over 1000 books with short reviews are listed in 46 categories of self-help and self-improvement


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