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The following books and tapes are by Roger T. Crenshaw, M.D.


These tools are generally used in conjunction with therapy, but are excellent for those of you who would like to work on your own.

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HOW TO HAVE BETTER SEX AND COMMUNICATION IN TWO WEEKS OR LESS!: $99.95 Take some time to indulge yourselves in intimacy, discovery, and fun. This self-guided package includes the 8 audiotape series or CDs called: Your Sexual Health which explores human sexuality from Sex as a Natural Function to dispelling Myths about Sexual Response, and two Expressing Your Feelings, The Key to Intimate Relationship workbooks. Everything a couple needs to get started or continue on a lifelong journey of love and intimacy.  

An 8 audio-tape series or CD's (your choice) which describes in detail male and female sexuality, sexual dysfunctions, treatment modality, sexual communication skills, myths and misconception about sexual response.

One of the greatest frustrations is being unable to get along on a day-to-day basis with someone you know you love. The purpose of this workbook is to develop a practical, workable method to reduce anger, minimize relationship stress, and increase pleasurable experiences within the relationship.

This audiotape or CD provides parents, teachers, and children with the most comprehensive sex education information every human being needs to hear. This tape or CD gently covers:

  • accurate facts about human sexual biology, behaviors, lifestyles, and attitudes
  • communication skills for opening the door of communication between child and parent
  • how to deal with children and teens on sexual topics
  • when to begin to talking to children about sex
  • learn one of the most significant causes of teen suicide and how to prevent it.
  • dispelling the myth that if you give them too much information...

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